Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Our sponsors are a critical part of the Saturday Program. Without their support, accessibility to the program for many students around the GTA and the high quality of the sessions would not be possible.
The Saturday Program will offer your organization an unparalleled opportunity to connect with 500 highly motivated students from various programs and institutions around the GTA who are exploring their career options while improving their academic standing through weekly tutoring and mentorship workshops.
Your organization will be promoted in the following manner:
·        Organization name/logo displayed in our student package: Each student of the Saturday Program receives a student package, which includes descriptions of weekly itinerary, profiles of keynote speakers, and a number of pages dedicated to display the names/logos of generous sponsors like yourselves
·        Company name/logo display on our website/social media platform: Our website has a page specifically devoted to our sponsors. The page displays their logos which also link to the organization’s homepage. We will also promote your organization through our weekly email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, as well as placing them across the University of Toronto’s campus as part of our promotion effort. Your organization will receive extended exposure all across Toronto and the GTA.
·        Public promotion/recognition of donor organization: We would be honoured to recognize your organization at the introduction and conclusion of the program as an essential partner that made the Saturday Program possible, by announcing “The Saturday Program 2015-2016 is brought to you by “Name of your organization”.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Saturday Program, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!