Volunteer Positions

There are three types of volunteer positions: Co-Directors, Tutors and Core Volunteers.



The program co-directors are responsible for many of the logistical tasks associated with preparing for and running the Saturday Program each week. In June before the program begins, the co-directors assist with attaining sponsorship, securing workshops and venues, and recruiting volunteers and tutees for the coming year. Once applications have been received, the co-directors then pair tutors with tutees according to their preferences, and facilitate training sessions to ensure that each volunteer is well equipped to create a positive and productive experience for students. Additional tasks that the co-directors undertake include: weekly email correspondence with volunteers and tutees, documenting attendance records, re-matching students and tutors in the event of an absence, taking an inventory of breakfast items and other supplies and replenishing them weekly, and ordering lunch for each upcoming Saturday. Furthermore, the co-directors work closely with the core volunteers each week to assist with set-up, direct students to their workshops, and offer strategic solutions for tutors. The ability to maintain social media is also a valued skill in our co-directors as they are responsible for updating Facebook, Twitter, and our Saturday Program website. Overall, this role requires dedication, organization, time management, and creativity, but results in a highly rewarding experience!



Tutors have the option to either tutor all 10 weeks by themselves or be paired up with another volunteer tutor from another area of study. Both options require you to attend the opening and closing ceremonies. If you are paired up with another tutor, you will be responsible for attending 4 of the 8 remaining sessions (you may divide them evenly amongst yourselves). You will be responsible for tutoring and mentoring your tutee on your given Saturdays as well as accompanying your tutee during the workshop that will take place after the tutoring session. The time frame you are required to be there for is from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.You may choose to tutor one tutee or two tutees.  It is recommended you stay after the workshop for a free lunch with your tutee!




Core Volunteers

Core volunteers are an integral part of The Saturday Program and will work closely with the co-directors to provide the support necessary to ensure the smooth running of the program. They are responsible for overseeing the tutors and tutees in the assigned teaching rooms as well as facilitating the transition to the workshops from the tutoring sessions. Your role may also involve any combination of the following:

Lead workshops: engage tutees and guide exciting activities in Pharmacy, Engineering, Forensic Science, Business, Culinary Arts and Mentorship (additional preparation and briefings will be given by the Saturday Program co-directors)

Manage tutoring rooms: usher tutors and tutees to workshop rooms or other buildings; ensure tutors and tutees are paired and participating in activities

Logistics: maintain attendance records and registration; set up, serve, and clean up lunch

Tutoring: in the event that a tutor is absent, a core volunteer may be asked to act as a substitute. Core volunteers should be comfortable with this role. Teaching material will be provided should you be asked to carry out this task.

Core volunteers will be paired to allow schedule flexibility and shared responsibility. All core volunteers are required to attend the opening and closing ceremonies as well as 4 of the 8 remaining sessions (you may divide them evenly amongst yourselves). You are expected to be present from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm for your Saturdays. You are more than welcome to come to more than your assigned Saturdays.