Frequently Asked Questions - OWeek

FAQs - OWeek

Email us at ASAP and we'll try to fix it for you.

Unfortunately, there is no fair way for us to process these sorts of requests. The registration fee is the same for everyone, even if you know you can't make some of the events.

Unfortunately, we can't extend the deadline because we need to place orders for stethoscopes, lab coats, etc. so they arrive in time! Try to have someone at home fill out the registration form and mail in a cheque for you, but make sure your name is the one on the cheque so we know who it's for.

Yes, stethoscopes at the listed prices will also be available through a medical equipment sale that happens at the end of September. We are offering them now, so we can run the stethoscope ceremony during Orientation Week. The prices on the other equipment is a one-time-only deal, but you can purchase the same items on your own from the bookstore at a later time.

Yes, the Littmann stethoscopes have a 10 year warranty.

Lab coats are mandatory for anatomy labs and are intended to stay in the lockers for the duration of the year (trust us - you won't want to bring those coats anywhere). Some ASCM groups did use their lab coats when visiting patients but this does not happen very often. You have the option of buying a recycled lab coat, so one strategy is to buy a new lab coat with the Toronto crest for professional encounters and then to buy a recycled lab coat for the anatomy labs. However, only one lab coat is absolutely mandatory for the entire year and that is for the labs!

Yes, definitely! There is no point in buying another one if you already own a lab coat. We do recommend using one that goes down to your knees and buttons up, though.

Most days we can only provide transportation between Mississauga and downtown at the beginning and end of each day requiring transport. If you wish to come or leave at other times, you can always take the shuttle bus ($6 each way or free for MAM students with a UTM student ID). Alternatively, you can take public transportation for a similar cost.

Yes! Just bring it with you the night of the ceremony and the faculty will ceremoniously drape it around your neck.

Please indicate on the registration form the number of guests you would like to bring. We will do our best to accommodate all the requests. If we are not able to, we will contact you via email.

Unfortunately, we can only provide transportation to STUDENTS requiring transportation from Mississauga to Toronto and back for the Stethoscope Ceremony.

Yes! All students are assigned a locker at MSB. 2 MAM students share one locker at MSB, and MAM students also have a locker at HSC where you will be able to store your things throughout O-week and the school year. You'll find your locker number and combination on your MedSIS account over the summer. The new Medical Alumni Lounge at MSB is also available to store larger items during O-week.

We highly encourage you to take the week to get to know as many of your classmates as possible, and as such, we ask that you do not bring a date or friend with you to orientation week events. The only exception to this is the CN Tower Formal - just make sure to buy a ticket for your date!

If, for some reason, you cannot make the bus to Hart House, you can drive yourself there, but you will have to give us your car keys and you will not be allowed to drive home until the next morning!