Transportation to University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus (7:15AM – 9:00AM)

St. George students, get ready for a field trip – today we make a trip out to the Mississauga Campus so that you can take a first-hand look at what the Mississauga Academy of Medicine and medicine out in the community is all about. St. George students make sure to pack everything you need for Hart House Farms (including ALL of your camping gears – yes, including your tents!) because all students will be leaving to Hart House Farms by bus directly from the Mississauga Campus later in the afternoon.

St. George: Arrive at MSB for 7:15AM sharp with all of your bags (including your camping gear for Hart House Farms! Once we arrive at the Mississauga campus, make sure to keep up because we’ll need to unload the bus, store your bags, and pick up breakfast before heading to the first talk of the day.

MAM:Lucky you! MAM students will get to sleep in a little this morning before the talks that start at 9AM. You can also leave your bags for Hart House Farms at home as there will be time to pick them up later in the afternoon before the bus departs from Mississauga campus.

Note: St. George students will be taking the shuttle at 7:15AM from MSB to the Mississauga campus.

Dress Code: Casual


Breakfast and OHPSA Presentation (9:00AM - 9:45AM)

Grab some breakfast and head straight into Lecture Hall 120 in the Instructional Building for a welcome presentation from the Office of Health Professions Student Affairs (OHPSA). OHPSA is your go-to resource for career and personal counselling, career exploration, academic coaching, and much more.

Dress Code: Casual


Financial Panel / Social Justice Workshops (10:00AM - 12:45AM)

We will then have two different sessions running at the same time. Block 1 is a Financial Workshop that will give you the know-how to manage your finances through medical school. Block 2 is a student-run Community-Building Workshop. Students will be divided randomly into Group A or Group B and will spend an hour and fifteen minutes in each block before switching around to the other block.

Block 1 - Financial Workshop: Curious about the world of LoCs and how to manage your finances during medical school? Listen to Bill Gregg, our highly experienced faculty financial officer speak about medical school finances, scholarships, and much more. Additionally, the Medical Alumni Association will be giving a talk about financial packages they have to offer for students. Our platinum & gold banking sponsors will then be delivering a Q&A panel to field all of your questions regarding LoCs and loans.

Block 2 - Community Building Workshop: Let’s be real, we’ve all heard those pre-med stereotypes before, or maybe found ourselves stuck in some tricky situations with our classmates. These student-run workshops supported by OHPSA are all about breaking down stigmas, creating safe spaces, focusing in on communication, and promoting diversity and inclusivity – all KEY skills for future physicians!

Note: You will spend an hour and fifteen minutes in your workshop and then switch to the other one!

Dress Code: Casual


Lunch and Sponsor Fair #2 (12:45PM - 2:00PM)

Scared from your morning dose of financial reality? Feel free to speak to all of our financial sponsors at the financial sponsor fair! We will have representatives from all the major banks andother related organizations that will be available to chat with you (and give out free merchandise if you’re lucky).

Dress Code: Casual


Free Time (2:00PM - 3:00PM)

Enjoy the beautiful MAM campus. Maybe you’ll see a duck or a deer. It is a busy week, take a moment to relax and smell that fresh suburban air. Make sure that you’ve grabbed your bags and camping gear in this time before the buses arrive to bring you up to Hart House Farms! Note: We’ve booked out the North Field, so why not grab a couple of your new friends for a game of soccer?

Dress Code: Casual


Transportation to Hart House (3:00PM - 4:00PM)

Buses will depart from the Mississauga campus at 3:00PM and bring you up to the beautiful hideaway we’ve come to know affectionately as Hart House Farms. It’s about an hour ride up to the farm.

Note:If you’re thinking of driving yourself up to Hart House Farms, get in touch with us so that we’ve got a head count and know whether you’re planning to stay the night or head back that same night!

Dress Code: Casual


Dinner and Camping at Hart House Farm (4:30PM - 10:00AM Friday)

A definite highlight of the week! Hart House Farm is a rustic oasis away from the city at 15911 Creditview Road, Caledon with three freshwater lakes, a sauna, vast fields for sports and games, a campfire and more. We will provide you with a BBQ dinner, drinks for the night and breakfast the next morning. Bring your own tent (or make friends with someone who has one) if you want to stay overnight. There will be the option to leave Thursday night (we have one bus going back to MAM and one bus St. George at 11:00PM) – but we definitely recommend staying overnight until Friday morning!

Dress Code: Casual (comfortable and warm)