CNE: Canadian National Exhibition (1:00PM - 4:00PM)

Enjoy food, drinks, rides, games and more at the Canadian National Exhibition. Full guide available  ere: We will be gathering for a class photo at 2:00PM at the biggest ferry wheel you can find!

Note: For MAM students, the bus will leave UTM at 12:00PM

Dress code: Casual


Interclass Coffee House at Victoria College Alumni Hall (7:00PM - 10:00PM)

By now you've had plenty of chances to meet your fellow 2T0s, and you're also probably super exhausted, so join your upper years for a relaxing night of music and talent. There will be a sign-up sheet where you can sign up to share your own acts! Shy or nervous? That's ok! There will be plenty of upper year acts to start off the night. After the show, mix and mingle with your uppers because you can never have too many people in your U of T Med family.

Note: Buses will be returning to UTM at 10:00PM.

Dress Code: Casual