If you do not have time to go home between Icebreaker/Bellringer Activities and Stethoscope Ceremony, PLEASE BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR STETHOSCOPE CEREMONY IN THE MORNING to the Medical Sciences Building (especially for MAM students). Check the packing list in the handbook for details.

Registration and MAA Breakfast at Student Commons (7:30AM - 10:00AM)

Welcome to medical school! Sign in, pick up your Orientation Week package, grab some breakfast and start mingling with your new classmates!

St. George:Meet at 8:00AM in the Stone Lobby in MSB (Medical Sciences Building) and head over to the registration table where you will sign in and pick up your Orientation Week package. Inside your packages you’ll find:

  • All the equipment you ordered with Orientation registration
  • U of T Medicine clothing that you ordered with Orientation registration
  • Stethoscope Ceremony tickets
  • CN Tower formal tickets
  • Canadian National Exhibition tickets
  • Orientation shirts
  • The Orientation Handbook (contains your schedule, details on the events, and much more!)
  • Tons of free goodies!

After you’ve picked up your package, the Orientation team and volunteers will direct you to your lockers to store your clothes and valuables. The combination for your locker is found on your MedSIS account (check "Student Resources" for more information). Head back up to the Stone Lobby for some breakfast and mingle with new friends.

MAM: Meet at 7:30AM in the foyer of Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex (HSC) Building on the University of Toronto – Mississauga (UTM) campus to get your Orientation Week package and breakfast. The bus is leaving at 8:30AM from the front of HSC to go to St. George campus.

Dress Code: Casual


Welcome Presentation & Academic Orientation Part 1 (10:00AM – 12:00PM)

Head upstairs to room 3153 in MSB and relax while the members of the Orientation Week introduce you to what you have in store for the rest of the week, while staff from the Faculty of Medicine welcome you to the brand new Foundations Curriculum. You’ll also hear all about your anatomy labs and have a chance to see the anatomy facilities as well as your anatomy lockers.

Dress Code: Casual


OMA/CMA Presentation (12:00PM - 12:30PM)

Learn about the benefits of becoming a member of the Ontario Medical Association and Canadian Medical Association, then pick up your new backpack!

Dress Code: Casual


Medical Student Life Sponsor Fair and Lunch in the Bahen Centre for Information

Technology (12:30PM - 1:30PM)

Pick up some lunch with your new friends and go check out the sponsors' booths in the

beautiful Bahen Centre, whose generous contributions made your Orientation Week possible!

Dress Code:Casual


Bell Ringer Games (1:30PM - 4:00PM)

Find your assigned teams and rotate through games/activities to earn points for your team and battle your classmates. We promise it'll be the BEST bell ringer of first year!

Dress Code:Casual


Free Time (4:00PM - 6:30PM)

Go home, change and meet up with your family and friends for dinner if they're in town before the Stethoscope Ceremony!


Stethoscope Ceremony (7:00PM – 10:00PM)

Welcome to the seventh annual Stethoscope Ceremony! This prestigious induction ceremony was designed to welcome the newest class (that's you guys!) and their beloved guests to U of T Medicine and to congratulate you on your achievements. The stethoscope metaphorically symbolizes one of the critical roles of the physician – to listen to his or her patients. The evening will include speeches from Faculty members and the ceremonious draping of your stethoscope around your neck on stage.

This year, the ceremony will be held at the beautiful Elgin Theatre located at 189 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1M4! Doors open at 7:00PM where a reception with light (so eat something beforehand!) refreshments will take place. The ceremony will begin promptly at 8:00PM. Although students will have assigned seating, seating for guests is first come, first serve. Keep in mind that for those who are driving to the ceremony, it will be rush hour in Toronto so factor in the extra driving time! Please let us know ahead of time if you or anyone in your party has accessibility requirements. For more information on public parking, refer to the parking information at the end of this handbook.

Note: The bus back to UTM will leave from Elgin Theatre at 10:30PM.

Dress Code: Business formal attire (similar to dress attire for a convocation-type event)