Look at each day's events for details, what to wear, and where to go!

For our MAMers, a lot of the events will be taking place downtown, which means long days and possible outfit changes (the buses only come in the morning and leave after the night event). It is important that you bring all the gear that you will need (from breakfast to the very last event), that includes clothes, deodorant, sunscreen, etc.

Although we have done everything that we can to make these long days comfortable for you (having your lockers handy, arranging a storage space), we would also like to introduce the option of billeting with 1T9s (students in the year above you). If you are interested, we can help arrange a temporary space for you downtown with a friendly upper year student, which may make it easier for you to shower before nights out or to have a place to rest during your free time. Please make sure to choose this option on the registration form.

We're here for you guys so do not hesitate to email us with any concerns you have!