10 Great things about Mississauga!

Maybe you chose St. George on the preference survey. Maybe you chose MAM. Maybe you chose no preference. Maybe you’re deciding between several schools. Maybe MAM was your only offer (hey, one offer is all you need!)


We know that MAM is not as well-known as our St. George counterpart, and that you might even have some hesitation if it wasn’t what you were expecting. But trust us, you’re among the lucky ones! MAM offers a breadth of unique experiences and has consistently rated higher in student satisfaction in some areas than any other academy. And we can see why.



Here’s 10 reasons why you should tick the box that says “Accept Offer to U of T –MAM!”


10. Mississauga (the City)Mississauga (also known as the “Saug”) is the 6th largest city in Canada. Sure, MAM may be a satellite campus –but we’re based in a city larger than most cities with med schools. Mississauga is a diverse community, with a rich multicultural atmosphere, multiplex shopping centres, gorgeous nature trails and lots of great places to eat. This also translates into a diverse patient population!


9. Videoconference (VC) –You may be thinking “I want the lecturer right in front of me, all day every day”. But believe us –VC is the way to be! Strolling in 2 minutes late just became 10x less awkward. Falling asleep just became slightly less embarrassing. Lecturers do come out to Mississauga regularly though, so you do get the chance to have that one-on-one interaction with the prof every now and then. Plus there’s this thing called email –and profs are pretty good at replying!


8. Trillium Health Partners In 2011, Mississauga merged its 3 hospitals into 1 large hospital spanning across 3 sites. This merge has lead to Trillium Health Partners being one of the largest hospitals in the GTA! It is also consistently near the top for number of emergency visits per year, admissions/discharges, and deliveries. THP is very enthusiastic about having medical students in Mississauga and there are numerous opportunities to get directly involved. Attend rounds, shadow a specialty you’re interested in, or practice clinical skills in the Undergraduate Medical Education centres that are specifically for MAM students. THP is a busy place!


7. Green Space A concept more foreign to larger cities, Mississauga boasts a large amount of green space considering its size. Our campus is located adjacent to Erindale Park, which features the Credit Valley River and lots of fantastic running trails. Ultimate Frisbee? Running? Stress-relieving walks? The proximity of green space also means that our campus is home to many deer and bunnies. Come see it for yourself!


6. Teachers In Mississauga, physicians are not salaried by the hospitals, and are in no way required to teach. As a result, the physicians who volunteer are truly passionate about teaching: they’re here because they want to be. We have a great cohort of engagedand experienced teachers, who are still fresh and willing to go 110% for our education. 


5. MAM Administration The MAM Administration are second to none. A helpful, cheerful, and dedicated bunch, they are always there to help and provide a personalized approach to every student. They’ll know you on a first-name basis in no time, and you can bring problems of any shape or size to their door. They make our lives unbelievably easy!


4. Facilities–The Mississauga Academy of Medicine opened its doors in 2011. With this came a brand new Health Sciences Complex, with plenty of spacious and brightly-lit space for the Mississauga medical students. State-of-the-art technology in the lecture theatres, plenty of small study rooms, and 24/7 access to the anatomy lab (unique to our campus) for studying are some of the great features that MAM has to offer.


3. Opportunities to get involved–MAM students have been instrumental in establishing a wide array of extracurriculars at MAM. Almost every Medical Society Extracurricular Club, Interest Group, and Community program has a branch or involvement at MAM. MAM students have an impressive number of representatives in the UofT Medical Society and actively participate in Daffydil, UofT’s charity musical. Even our current Medical Society president is a MAMer! For more information, read the article about involvement at MAM.


2. Reduced number of learners–Since medical education is relatively new to Mississauga, there are fewer learners in the Mississauga hospitals. As 3rd year clerks, students in Mississauga get to see and do more than some of their classmates downtown. Students often find themselves working directly alongside the Staff Physician rather than observing as a physician, resident, and fourth-year clerk take the reins.


1. The MAMily –Medical school is not easy. You will have your share of adventures, from dissecting your first cadaver to discovering how to empathize with any patient. The most priceless feature of MAM is our close-knit, ever-approachable, one-big-family community. With only 54 students in each class, students at MAM become a very tight group. Friendships are created between classes of different years, games of foosball are shared, and unity is created amongst the MAMily. You’ll always feel comfortable chatting with the 1T8s and 1T7s alike, and you’ll know exactly where to turn if you’re ever sick, confused or just needing to talk. MAM is a special place - and we want you to be part of it. 


Article by Tara Justice (1T6) and Shara Nauth (1T7)