Involvement at MAM

Congratulations 1T9s and welcome to U of T Medicine!

Whether you are accepted at the St. George Campus or the Mississauga Campus, U of T medicine will provide you will endless opportunities to become involved over your four years of medical school. As part of the MAM 1T6 students, I will be providing insight into involvement opportunities at MAM. Fear not St. George students because the same opportunities are available to you!

 Between the opportunity to get involved with student government (the Medical Society (MedSoc) or Class Council), to interest groups, clubs, and intramural sports, MAM has opportunities for everyone!

Early in the year you will be invited to run in MedSoc elections. Read through the position descriptions and run for a position on our student government. MAM students have held almost every position on MedSoc (the current president is a MAM 1T7 student!) so feel free to reach out and ask for help. MedSoc has two positions specific to MAM – the VP Internal Mississauga and the VP Mississauga – so if you want to be more involved in MAM, and an advocate for the MAMily, run for one of these positions. Are you already interested in MedSoc? Reach out to upper year students for advice or answers to your questions!

Class Council is similar to MedSoc and is the ‘student government’ for each class. This council provides you the opportunity to be a course representative, social or charity representative, or even the opportunity to be class president! One of the MAM 1T7 Class Presidents is a MAMer too!

Student government not your thing? Come out in early September to the 2nd annual Community Affairs Kick-Off Night! Programs such as Adventures in Science –Mississauga, Saturday Morning Program, Healthy Sexuality, Growing Up Healthy and many more will be onsite to talk with students about how you can get involved! Program directors may even be looking for 1T8 directors! And as a bonus we provide dinner!

In your first few weeks of school, you will be bombarded with emails from interest groups and student clubs. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend the Clubs Fair and see what U of T has to offer! Don’t worry you’ll learn how to filter out the ones you aren’t interested in. Interest groups exist for pretty much everything you could imagine, and if it doesn’t exist you can create it! Just this past month I helped co-found the Social Media In Medicine Interest Group (shameless plug). Are you interested in paediatrics? You can check out the Paediatrics Interest Group. Interested in oncology? Join the Oncology interest group. Not sure what you’re interested in? Go to all the events you want! Most will even provide free lunch – though you might get tired of pizza by October. MedSoc affiliated clubs have to videoconference all events to Mississauga so you’ll never miss out! In addition, the majority of clubs and interest groups are looking for MAM co-directors and representatives!

Like sports? Join your classmates at a Blue Jays game, or at a pub for a hockey game. If you’re an athletic or want to learn to be more athletic join the MAM Active and Healthy Living Group, the MAM Run Club or be part of an intramural team. In the Fall of 2013 Streptococcus Awesome lost in shoot-outs to bring home second place in outdoor soccer! MAM also had basketball and volleyball intramural teams.

TIP: you’re going to be blitzed with school emails in the first few weeks, with an overwhelming number of opportunities to get involved. Check out things you are, or may be, interested in, attend a lunch event (bonus if you get lunch as well), and then decide how or even if you want to be involved!

Have questions on how to get involved? Want to know more about how I got involved? Have questions about MAM or U of T Med in general? Feel free to contact me anytime!

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I hope to see you in the fall!

Caleigh Campbell – 1T6