We would like to first and foremost thank all medical students at the University of Toronto participating in MSRD 2018.

We would also like to thank our faculty and advisors for their continuous support in the process of creating this event with special acknowledgement to the following individuals:

  • Dr. Neil Sweezey, CREMS Program Director
  • Ms. Lisa Charette, CREMS Program Coordinator
  • Aras and Team Lab Coat for their expertise, knowledge, and hard work they put into developing this website
  • Annamarie Butler, Sponsorship Manager
  • Effie Slapnicar, Director of Operations, UME
  • The Printing House
  • UT Printers



This event would not be possible without the tremendous help of our sponsors dedicated to fostering innovation in healthcare. We are greatly appreciative of their support and continued encouragement. We would like to thank the following organizations for their contribution to MSRD 2018.

Sponsors coming soon!