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TOPIC: Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area

Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #16

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences about living in Chestnut Residence in terms of food, convenience, pros, cons etc. I was also looking into apartments and was told the Bay and College area is where most students take up residence, particularly at LuCliff Place and The Bay Club apartment buildings. I can't seem to find general pricing for these apartments and I'm assuming I'd have to call, but if anyone wants to share their insight that would be greatly appreciated to.

Thanks so much! Extremely excited to meet all of you!

Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #17

Hey Danny,

I lived at Chestnut for my first year, and since have moved out to live on my own in the Bay/College area (I've been here for about a year now!). I can comment on why I made the decision to move out of Chestnut, and my experience there in general.

Firstly, the food/services are generally convenient, but I always seemed to miss the cafeteria hours while on campus (I had the 'flex dollars' to use at the Medical Sciences Building (MSB), which would let me have lunch closer to class etc, but there is also a bagged lunch option you can arrange and pick up in the mornings. I rarely walked to Chestnut during lunch breaks - I preferred to spend them at MSB with my classmates!). The elevators are extremely slow since the residence is packed, so if you're late to class, you'll be even later lol. I also found it to be out of the way from where most of my classmates were, and wasn't able to really have people over to my place to study/practice clinical skills etc (you have to sign each guest in with student ID/driver's licence etc). I really didn't like that aspect of it, as well as the costs (it's definitely not a cheaper alternative, at least in my experience, since I'd always miss the lunch/dinner hrs and got bored of the snack bar fairly quickly). When I think about my experience at Chestnut, it was mostly 'cons' (unfortunately!) but it might be just me (it felt too controlled/structured there).

I really REALLY enjoy living in the Bay/College area! I have a studio condo for myself, but most of my classmates share a condo with a roommate. I really enjoy the freedom of having my own place, cooking my own meals, en suite laundry etc. Lifestyle wise I am a lot happier here (and saving a lot when it comes to food expenses - ironically). I had a real estate agent help me find a place. My real estate agent didn't charge me any fees upfront (not sure if this is true for all real estate agents, but it seems like they're paid for by the landlord when you sign a lease). Anyways, he set me up with automatic notifications where I got listings sent to my email based on the budget and location I gave him. I found a place in about 3 weeks (very happy here!). I'm at the Allegro (909 Bay Street).

Let me know if you have any questions - I hope this helps! Congratulations and good luck!!


Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #18

Thanks for the information Mena, great to hear your side of things! I actually do have a few follow up questions, hope you don't mind if I message you because it's about to happen in a minute!

Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #19

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Hey Danny!

Depending on what type of apartment and whether or not you live with a roommate, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1100-$1800 or so per month all in around Bay/College (possibly the only downside to living downtown!). The low end is if you live with a roommate and find a good deal, with the high end being a nice 1 bedroom.

Also consider Yonge/College and a bit more north and south along Bay! Apartments are generally around the same price but can be a bit more spacious. I live at Yonge and College and I love my place!
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Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #24

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Hey Danny,

I also lived at Chestnut during first year and I think my experience there was a little more positive than Mena's, lol. I chose the carte blanche meal plan which lets you enter the cafeteria as much as you want! I thought the food was of reasonable quality with the omelette and pasta stations being highlights. I also opted for the convenience of bag lunches as it's not really feasible to return to the residence at lunch for a hot meal. I agree that the elevators can be a hassle especially when half of them are not working or when fire drills happen in the middle of the night. What I really miss about Chestnut though is the sense of community at the "grad" table where a bunch of people from different programs share meals together.
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Chestnut Residence and Bay/College Area #81

Thanks everyone for your input! I've been apartment hunting but I think I'm going to wait until I know which academy I'm in so I can find a good place that's somewhat intermediate between campus and hospitals.