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TOPIC: Waiting to find housing?

Waiting to find housing? #13

Hello :)
Should we be waiting for our academy assignments before looking at places to live and picking roommates? Does where we spend most of our time in first year change a lot based on our academies?

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Hi Patrina,

First of all, welcome to UofT! In terms of academy logistics, in first year you'll be at your academies for ASCM (1x/week), DOCH seminars (8-10ish times over the year), and PBL (2x/week starting in January). This means that you'll be at your academy site between 1-3x per week, depending on the week. However, the vast majority of your time will be spent at MSB for lectures/dissections/seminars.

Also, keep in mind that within a given academy, people will be placed at different hospitals. For example, I'm in WB but my ASCM is almost always at Toronto Western, while some people may mainly be at TGH. For this reason, it's hard to really plan out a specific hospital that may be convenient to live near. And as far as roommates go, just worry about making sure it's someone you'd like to live with!

All that to say that the majority of people live within walking distance of MSB during preclerkship, but this is just personal preference!
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Again, congrats on your acceptance!

Matt is absolutely right. In pre-clerkship (years 1 and 2) you will likely want to be somewhere in the downtown core (many people live in the annex, bay/bloor, bay/college areas, or a little east or west of Yonge st.). Some people do live more north of the core, but if you do, we highly recommend that you find a place close to the public transit lines.

You will want to be within some reasonable distance from the Medial Sciences Building (MSB) in years 1 and 2 (e.g. 20-30 min walk or TTC), but I wouldn't worry too much about your hospital placements. Some are farther away (e.g. the PB students at Sunnybrook or North York General - yay! GO PB) but there are shuttles available from downtown and public transit that can get you there in a reasonable time - so it's not worth sacrificing your social life to be near your academy hospital - because let's face it, there is nothing fun to do around Sunnybrook, other that be in the hospital ;) - and most of your new friends will be around the Bay/College area (+/- 3 major blocks in each direction).
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