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TOPIC: Uoft St George vs. Mississauga (MAM) campus

Uoft St George vs. Mississauga (MAM) campus #75

Hi guys

Thanks to you guys for answering the questions on the forum.

I have read the great article about 10 Great things about Mississauga! but wondering if you guys could start sharing with us the differences between St Gorge Vs. Mississauga campus?

Thank you.

Uoft St George vs. Mississauga (MAM) campus #77

Hey Omid,

I'm terms of curriculum, classes, tests, rotations, extra-curriculars, etc... everything is the same between the Mississauga and St. George. There are obviously differences in terms of the hospital sites between the St. George and Mississauga campuses, but this is true across all Academies (where you do most of your ASCM/DOCH/rotations at your academy hospitals).

The real difference comes in the city, downtown is much more hustling and bustling with so much you can do (arts, food, sports etc...), where as Mississauga is much more peaceful and relaxing (and green!). That being said you don't have to necessarily live in either city to experience the other!

I'm not sure if that answers your question?

Uoft St George vs. Mississauga (MAM) campus #205

  • Therese
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Hey! I'm also having a lot of trouble deciding which to rank first -MAM or St. Georges! I'm leaning towards MAM but I'm hesitant because my family is against Mississauga as a city. I'm from Victoria, BC, so I'm used to a beautiful city around me!

- Do you need a car in Mississauga? How convenient is it to bike? What seasons are open to biking?
- Is there a better ratio of student- to physician while shadowing and even in clinical skills learning?
- Is Mississauga a nice place to live? I'm considering the strip malls, sprawl and sattelite-ness as negatives, but really I haven't been there and have no idea
- I'm pretty concerned about not having a physical lecturer in front of me. Is the quality of education the same? Does it affect you? Is that as big of a disadvantage as it seems? How available are the professors for questions? How many lecutures/month do you have in Mississauga?
- Are the opportunities to get involved in interest groups (eg rural medicine/aboriginal health etc) equitable to the main campus?

I'm interested in community-based family medicine, and I really love the idea of working with expectant mothers/ mothers and babies. I know you have the mothers and children's center in Mississauga.
I also love the idea of a smaller class size.

Thanks so much for answering all of my many questions!