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TOPIC: Places popular with MD students in Toronto/Mississauga

Places popular with MD students in Toronto/Mississauga #48

Hi current students

Wondering if you could share some of the places that you guys are hanging out during your free times?

Thank you

Places popular with MD students in Toronto/Mississauga #49

Hey Omid! Here's a brief list of places off the top of my head of what's nearby downtown:

- Eatons Center is very close by at Yonge and Dundas (10 minute walk from campus) and is packed with a food court and many shops
- If you're feeling a bit more $$, Bloor St. has some great shops just north of campus

- The Royal Ontario Museum is about a 10 minute walk north of campus
- The Art Gallery of Ontario is about a 10 minute walk south of campus

- Pogue Mahone at Bay and College (many events are held here, very close to campus)
- O'grady's (just across campus on College St.)

- Hart House (on campus)
- Athletic Center (on campus)
- GoodLife Fitness (very close to campus)

- During Fall/Spring/Summer, you can bike or run along the Waterfront though it's a bit of a distance to there from campus
- MAM has some great nature trails within and nearby their campus as well with deer roaming around usually

- Gerstein and Robarts are the main places people study on campus. Med students also have an additional study space on College St.
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Places popular with MD students in Toronto/Mississauga #66

You really can't underestimate the breadth of restaurants in Toronto. There's some nebulous stat out there that you could eat at a different restaurant every day and never go to the same one. Ever. Based on the sheer number, and restaurant turnover.

There is a huge diversity in the fare offered, and you can find things ranging from a $3 lunch to top notch global cuisine (what is a line of credit for, after all?)

Aside from what's going on around campus, it's important not to forget what's going on ON campus. With such a large student population, we have a huge amount of interest groups and clubs. There are always interesting events going at lunch or after class if you're looking for things that pique your interest, or even just to have fun. The 259 number can seem intimidating, but that number may be one of U of T's greatest strengths when it comes to extracurricular fun!

Places popular with MD students in Toronto/Mississauga #67

Oh, I should mention, check out BlogTO if you want access to a huge selection of Top 10 Lists for different food destinations.