About the MedSoc

The Medical Society Executive Council is the elected governing body of The Medical Society, the undergraduate medical students. The Executive Council represents medical students to the Faculty of Medicine, Alumni, other faculties within the university, the medical profession, and the community at large. The Council organizes a wide variety of student events and is concerned with both academic and non-academic aspects of student life. The Executive Council is also actively involved in serving as a liaison between pre-clerkship and clerkship students and continues to foster a sense of community within the student body.


For more information, please see our University of Toronto Medical Society Constitution and our University of Toronto Medical Society By-laws. For specific meeting minutes, please click here.



The President is elected on the General Ballot of the Spring Elections for a one-year term. 

The Medical Society President works to direct the resources of the Executive Council and the Medical Society so that the best interests of the student body are always priority. The President serves as a liaison between the student body, the faculty, and the alumni, and any other individual organization as is necessary.

The President is a voting member of the Executive Council and is an official member of all committees of the society. S/He is a voting member of University of Toronto Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors. The current Medical Society President and the past President serve as the two student representatives to the Board of Examines. The current President is a voting member of the Board of Examiners. The President serves as a representative of the society on the Faculty Council, and meets monthly with Faculty at the Council of Presidents meeting. S/he acts as the official spokesperson for the Executive Council and the Society to the Faculty of Medicine or any other individual or organization as necessary.


Executive Administrator

The Executive Administrator is elected  in the Fall Election for a one-year term. The Executive Administrator's term of office runs until the fall of his/her second year when they become the Speaker of the Executive Council.

The Executive Administrator is voting member of the Executive Council. S/he is responsible for recording and filing the minutes of Executive Council meetings. S/he maintains and up-to-date email address list of all members of the Medical Society Executive and regularly updates the MedSoc web page with meeting minutes and a members contact list. The Executive Administrator also performs other duties as become necessary during his/her term of office.


Speaker of the Executive Council

The speaker is a one-year term that is automatically filled by the previous year's Executive Administrator.  

The speaker is a member of the non-voting member of the Executive Council. The speaker chairs all meetings in accordance with the Constitution of the Medical Society. The speaker is responsible for booking rooms for all Executive meetings and for informing members of meeting dates and times. The speaker maintains and updates the Medical Society Constitution. S/He acts as Chief Elections Officer in accordance with the Medical Society Constitution. The speaker also performs other duties when necessary as decided by the Executive Council during his/her period of office.


Vice President Communications

The Communications portfolio is largely responsible for disseminating key information to the student body on behalf of the Medical Society. This is primarily done through the TorontoMeds website.

The Communications portfolio consists of two co-VPs. Both VPs are voting members of the Executive Council.

The VP Communications is responsible for the maintenance of the TorontoMeds website, the official web site of the University of Toronto Medical Society. In addition to updating the site with current information that is made available to the student body, the VP is responsible for working with club directors to upload changes and new information for their personal websites as needed.


Vice President Community Affairs

The Community Affairs portfolio seeks to maintain a strong, positive relationship between the University of Toronto Medical Society and its neighboring communities. It provides opportunities for medical students to gain leadership and teaching experience through community projects and enables medical students to make a positive contribution to the community at large.

The Community Affairs portfolio consists of two co-VPs. Both VPs are voting members of the Executive Council.

The  VP Community Affairs are representatives on the Medical Society on Faculty Council. Both VPs are responsible for the management of our nine Community Affairs programs: Blood Drive Committee, Healthy Sexuality, Saturday Morning Program, St.Felix Mentoring Program, Community Outreach, Speaker Series, Let's Talk Science, Food Buddies, and Cuts for Cancer. The VPs aid the outgoing program directors in the selection of new directors, and meet with the directors of each program on a monthly basis. The VPs also organize new initiatives and evaluate the interest and viability of existing programs on a yearly basis. Finally, the VPs Community Affairs are responsible for communicating all events relating to their portfolio to the student body.


Vice President Education

The Curriculum Affairs portfolio seeks to communicate student concerns and opinions about curriculum to the Faculty and facilitates the process of change within undergraduate medical school curriculum.

The Curriculum Affairs portfolio consists of two co-VPs, both VPs are voting members of the Executive Council.

The VPs Curriculum serve as co-chairs of the Student Curriculum Evaluation Committee (SMEC) and serve as representatives of the Medical Society on the Faculty's Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Committee (UME-CC). The VPs Curriculum also serve as student representatives for the Medical Curriculum matters to the Faculty of Medicine and to the University of Toronto as a whole. The VPs Curriculum are also involved in the implementing of new curriculum initiatives and of new teaching awards. They are responsible for regular communication with the Associate Dean of Medicine in order to facilitate student-faculty cooperation and coordination of curriculum events. Finally, the VPs Curriculum prepare a year-end SCEC Final Report that summarizes curriculum developments during the year.


Vice President External Affairs

The external affairs portfolio represents the Medical Society to other medical schools and their societies, the medical profession and its organizations, organizations outside the Faculty of Medicine within the University of Toronto, and other external organizations as necessary. This portfolio serves a way of communicating medical undergraduate concerns to external organizations and allows the Society to inform undergraduate medical students of important events occurring in external organizations.

The VP External Portfolio consists of two co- Externals.

The VP Externals serve as representatives of the Medical Society on the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), the Student Section of the Ontario Medical Association (SSOMA). They are actively involved at both the provincial and the national level in initiatives of these two organizations and are also responsible for keeping students up-to-date on issues that are brought up at such events. Finally, the VP Externals are also called upon to assist in other projects as decided upon by the Executive Council.

The VP Externals are voting members of the Executive Council.


Vice President Finance

The VP Finance Portfolio consists of two co-VP Finances.

The Vice Presidents Finance are responsible for Society finances. They maintain the accounts of the Society and all of its subsidiary organizations and work closely with the President to ensure that all Society regulations regarding finances (as outlined in the Medical Society Constitution) are met. An annual audit is prepared and submitted by the VP finances to the appropriate University of Toronto office prior to December 31st of each year. The VP finances also perform other duties while in office that are assigned by the Executive Council.

The Vice Presidents Finance, as with the other Vice Presidents each hold one vote on the Executive Council.


Vice President Global Health

The Vice Presidents Global Health shall: i) Represent the Medical Society to: a) other medical schools and their societies in matters of international health, particularly through international medical student organizations especially the IFMSA: b) external organizations concerned with international aid, health, and development at the local, national, and international level; ii) Coordinate information and awareness events within the Medical Faculty, along with the help of other Global Health groups; iii) Communicate and promote Global Health events, education, conferences, and local and overseas opportunities to the student body, faculty, and to other groups as appropriate; iv) Advocate to Medical Faculty and Administration for inclusion of global health education in the medical curriculum; v) Enact their duties as outlined in the Medical Society By-Laws.

The Vice Presidents Global Health shall hold their office for a two-year term (until September 30th of the second year following their election).


Vice President Internal Affairs - St. George

The Internal Affairs portfolio of the Medical Society encourages communication between medical students, the Medical Society, and the Faculty of Medicine.

The VPs Internal Affairs consists of two co-VPs. Both VPs are voting members of the Executive Council of the Medical Society. The VP Internal Affairs is a representative of the Medical Society on the Faculty Council, and Interdepartmental Faculty Council consisting of representatives from Doctor of Medicine, Medical Radiation Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology. S/he is also a member of the Interprofessional Education Committee. The VP Internal Affairs is responsible for communicating the services offered by the Faculty and the Office of Student Affairs to the Medical Society and the student body. S/he is also manages the MedLife Committee which is jointly run by the Medical Society, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Medical Alumni Association. MedLife organizes events under several tracks: Career Exploration and Development, Community Fellowship, Diversity in Medicine, and Interprofessional Development. The VP Internal Affairs is also a representative of the Medical Society on the Management Committee of the Peer Support Centre.

S/he also organizes the medicine exhibit at the University of Toronto annual Health Fair, and is responsible for the general maintenance of the Alumni Lounge. S/he organizes the Academy challenges, in serving as representatives of the Peer Support Centre, and in communicating all Medical Society events to the student body and the Faculty.


Vice President Internal Affairs - Mississauga

The Vice Presidents Internal Affairs Mississauga shall: i) encourage and promote extracurricular programming within the Mississauga Academy the Faculty of Medicine; ii) act as stewards in maintaining MedSoc resources and programming on MAM campus buildings and MAM-affiliated hospitals (similar to the role of VP Internal Affairs - St. George); iii) sit on the Mississauga Academy of Medicine Committee.

The Vice Presidents Internal Affairs Mississauga shall hold their office for a two-year term (until September 30th of the second year following their election).


Vice President Interprofessional Education

The responsibilities of the Vice-President, Inter-professional Education are to be a voting member of the Medical Society Executive Council and to submit an oral monthly report at each Medical Society Executive Council Meeting. The Senior VP-IPE is responsible to liaise with representatives of the National Health Sciences Students’ Association (NaHSSA) as well as serve as a representative of the Society on the Executive Council of the Interprofessional Healthcare Students’ Association (IPHSA). The VP-IPE is also responsible to be a student representative of the Medical Society on the Interfaculty Curriculum Committee (IFCC), and the Office of IPE at University of Toronto. Lastly, the VP-IPE is responsible to ensure that the student body is well informed of national, provincial, and local inter-professional issues, including the IPE curriculum at the University of Toronto.


Vice President Publications

The Publications portfolio manages all official Publications of the Medical Society. These include The Essentials of Clinical Examination Handbook, The University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ), The Droopy Lid, The Red Book, and The Medical Student Planner.

The VP Publications manages all existing publications and coordinates regularly with the directors of the three student journals published through out the year. S/He also coordinated with the Class Presidents and the Faculty for the production of the Red Book and the Student Planner. The VP Publications communicates regularly with the Medical Society publishing companies, advertising companies, and various other publications staff. S/he is also involved in the creating and launching of new publications.


Vice President Mississauga

The Vice Presidents Mississauga shall: i) Attend Mississauga Academy of Medicine-related meetings with the Faculty, including the Mississauga Academy Steering Committee (MASC); ii) co-chair the Mississauga Academy of Medicine Committee; iii) provide research and advice to the Society and student body regarding Mississauga Academy; iv) provide feedback and continuous monitoring of the videoconferencing system for lecture halls and meeting rooms to the Society and Faculty;

The Vice Presidents Mississauga shall hold their office for a two-year term (until September 30th of the second year following their election).


Class Presidents

The Class Presidents shall: i) Be responsible for representing the interests of students currently in their respective years; ii) Enact their duties as outlined in the Medical Society By-Laws as well as their respective Class Council Constitutions.

The Class Presidents shall hold their office for the duration determined by their respective Class Council Constitutions.

Community Affairs Directory

If you have any questions regarding Community Affairs groups, please contact your Senior and Junior VPs Community Affairs: Arnav Agarwal (arnav.agarwal @ mail.utoronto.ca), Rahel Zewude (rahel.zewude @ mail.utoronto.ca). Please note that a space was added before and after the @ sign in emails to avoid spam bots.


Health Promotion Clubs

University of Toronto Blood Drive

Club Directors:Danny Mansour and Arnav Agarwal

Contact Email Address: danny.mansour @ mail.utoronto.ca

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: August 2015-July 2016

Description:In association with Canadian Blood Services, the UofT Blood Drive promotes, organizes, and helps to run Blood Drives in the Medical Sciences Building Stone Lobby three times a year. It also collaborates with OneMatch in organizing “Get Swabbed” events for stem cell donation in conjunction with other University of Toronto organizations.

Annual Events:

  • Blood Drives 
  • Get Swabbed Events
  • Information Booths

General Volunteer Opportunities:

The UofT Blood Drive is looking for two 1T9 coordinators for this year. The 1T9 coordinators will help to organize 2-­3 blood donor clinics with Canadian Blood Services, advertise donation events, organize volunteers/food for clinics, and help with the smooth operation of the Blood Drive. There is a lot of flexibility with this position, room for creativity, and it's a great way to contribute to a very worthy cause. 

To apply, please send an e-mail to danny.mansour @ mail.utoronto.ca and arnav.agarwal @ mail.utoronto.ca with a brief description (~150 words) of why you are interested in the position and any relevant experience by 11:59PM on October 16th, 2015.


Growing Up Healthy

Club Directors:Kirby Ding, Erica Pascoal

Contact Email Address: uoftgrowinguphealthy @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:October 2015, May 2016

Description: Growing Up Healthy is a student-run educational and outreach program for children, which aims to promote healthy living through interactive workshops. We partner with classrooms in TDSB elementary schools to provide health education. We tailor workshop activities to specific age groups, encouraging a greater appreciation and understanding of nutrition, physical activity, mental health and positive body image. As a volunteer, medical students will work in small groups and be paired with a class of students who they will provide health workshops to once a month through the duration of the school year.

Annual Events:

Monthly health education workshops in local TDSB elementary school classrooms.

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Looking for 1T8 and 1T9 Volunteers to lead monthly classroom workshops. This is an opportunity to work with children and promote healthy active living in a classroom environment. Gain experience as a teacher and role model! Volunteer responsibilities include: -Attend a volunteer orientation session

  • Communicate with your classroom’s teacher and Growing Up Healthy directors as you organize workshop dates and topic
  • Plan and facilitate monthly health workshops at your classroom site (with support and resources provided by your Growing Up Healthy directors!!
  • Attend Growing Up Healthy recap meetings (and socials!) that occur through the year Leadership Opportunities:

Looking for 2 1T9 Co-Directors. Responsibilities include:

  • All of the above volunteer responsibilities
  • Be in communication with principles, teachers, and other Growing Up Healthy members to aid in the logistics and organization of teaching placements


Global Heart Hour

Co­‐Directors: Prachur Shrivastava

Location: St.George Campus

Description:GHH is a non-profit, grassroots initiative run by medical students that aims to promote, inspire and celebrate humanitarianism. Similar to Earth Hour, the idea is to devote a minimum of one hour during the Valentine’s week to a local or international humanitarian effort. As part of GHH we host a speaking event for 150 doctors, medical students, nurses and other health professionals.  We also host a social event called the “Red Party” for approximately 400 health professionals. All funds raised from the events will be donated to a fund of choice (specific to the GHH theme for that year). The event is now in its seventh iteration- and this year, we have successfully raised over $2,000 for a Sierra Leone NGO called KickEbolaOut.


Healthy Sexuality

Co‐Directors: Seth Davis and Philip Gregoire

Location: Various schools within Toronto and Mississauga

Description:Healthy Sexuality is run out of both the St. George and MAM campuses. Medical students were provided an opportunity to build a relationship of trust through approximately 25 sessions at local high schools lasting 60-75 minutes and stimulate interesting debates on topics related to youth sexuality. Medical students lead small group discussions about sex, sexuality, birth control, and sexually transmitted infections. Healthy Sexuality is particularly sensitive to issues relevant to all sexual orientations or self-identifications. 


Immigrant and Refugee Equitable Access to CommunityHealthcare (IREACH)

Club Directors:Michal Sheinis, Christine Li, and Ayan Dey

Contact Email Address: ireachuoft @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:October 1st - May 31st, 2016

Description: IREACH is a student-­led initiative that focuses on improving healthcare accessibility to new immigrants and refugees. IREACH functions to: 

  1. Provide services to the community that help those with language barriers (i.e. newcomer immigrants and refugees) get improved access to healthcare services. 
  2. Provide medical students the opportunity to serve as leaders within their community, while developing their history-taking and communication skills 
  3. Provide students the opportunity to develop cultural sensitivity skills and experience with working with vulnerable populations.  

Annual Events:

Visits to community centers to provide immigrant and refugee services:

  1. Deliver a presentation describing the Canadian health care system
  2. Provide medical history cards - where YOU, the medical students, will gain valuable practice in history-taking from real people in more challenging situations than you would encounter in ASCM (cultural and language barriers). You may communicate with the clients in your second language. 

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers will visit community centers and have the opportunity to take medical history from the center's clients and to talk to the clients and answer their questions about the Canadian health care system.

Thank you to those who signed up at the club fair! We were excited to see so many passionate individuals interested in this cause. If you didn't get a chance to sing up at the club fair, please fill out this google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/153Do-cFj1iyQcGILKdh0N2wCIX22ROv3SLpel1vlH-­o/viewform

Leadership Opportunities:

We are recruiting: 

  • 2 assistant directors from the 1T9 St. George class 
  • 1 MAM co-director from the 1T8 class
  • 1 MAM assistant director from the 1T9 class

Assistant directors and co-directors will be responsible for creating NEW community partnerships, continuing work with pre-existing partners, and coordinating and attending at least 2 community visits this year. 

If interested, please fill out this google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19Pe5smNf61sKnfy18w4QvwivWtWxcCSE3ylcLcEc7_Q/viewf orm

Other Notes: For more information, please visit www.ireachtoronto.ca Please email any questions to ireachuoft @ gmail.com



Club Directors: Neha Kanga

Contact Email Address: kids2hear @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: October 2015-May 2016

Description: Do you enjoy working with kids? Are you interested in improving access to care for underserved communities? Do you want to learn more about pediatrics and ENT? If you answered yes to any of these, getting involved with Kids2Hear might be right for you! Kids2Hear is a program run in collaboration with the Hospital for Sick Children that offers hearing screening to children in schools across Toronto. We attend model schools, providing audiometry and ear exams to children living in areas identified as being in need. 

In order to help you to learn and practice audiometry and otoscopy, we will be having a training session, led by a pediatric otolaryngologist, at the Hospital for Sick Children in mid October (date and time TBD). Once this training is completed, we ask that you attend at least one of our screening days throughout the year (we may be able to arrange for you to attend more if you are interested).

Annual Events:

Requirements for participation:

  1. Complete application form IF able to attend the available training dates
  2. Upon admission to the program, complete TDSB police check requirements:
    • New participants: Authorize us to ask the Registrar’s Office to make an official copy of your police record checks
    • Previous participants: Complete a disclosure form 
  3. Sign up for, at minimum, one screening date (to be provided!) 

General Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are asked to attend at minimum ONE screening session (1/month) to help run the screening sessions and will have the opportunity to be involved with all of the following:

  1. Perform otoscopy (ear examinations) while under the supervision of an ENT doctor from Sick Kids. Volunteers will be trained to ID physical defects, infections, and compaction of the ear.
  2. Perform audiometry (hearing test) while under the supervision of an audiologist. Volunteers will be trained to ID ranges of hearing loss.
  3. Help with the organization and coordination of 100 kindergarten kiddos!!! :)  We look forward to working with all of you!

Leadership Opportunities:

Kids2Hear will be looking to recruit 1T9 coordinators for the next year, and would like them to join the 1T8 coordinators in winter 2016 so that they can get involved early and learn the ropes!

Kids2Hear is also looking to expand the program to the Peel school board, and so would love to get some MAMers involved to help with that transition.

If you think you'd be interested in getting involved, keep these positions in mind, and make sure to get involved as a general volunteer first!

More information on these positions will come your way in winter 2016. We look forward to working with all of you!



Club Directors: Wynn Peterson, Omri Arbiv, Anand Bery, Heather Dunlap

Contact Email Address:kids2see @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:September 15 - March 31

General Description:

Kids2See is a community outreach program that organizes vision screening days at Toronto elementary schools in at-risk neighbourhoods. At these screenings, program volunteers perform visual acuity and stereographic vision testing for children. 

Our mission is to:

  1. Identify children with vision impairments, particularly amblyopia, a disease that must be treated early.
  2. Ensure that children identified with potential vision problems are referred on to receive a complete eye exam from a qualified eye care specialist.
  3. Educate parents and school officials on the importance of routine eye exams.
  4. Provide an opportunity for medical students to develop clinical skills, interact with children, and engage in community service in areas of need.
  5. Act as role models for young students, and introduce to them the field of medicine.

General Volunteer Opportunities: Kids2See volunteers will work in pairs to screen kindergarten students for amblyopia using visual acuity and stereopsis tests. Volunteers will be asked to attend a short training session on the evening of October 28th, 2015 and be willing to commit to volunteering at a minimum of two half-day screenings throughout the 2015-16 school year.


Sun and Skin Awareness Program

Club Directors: Trang Vu and Danny Mansour

Contact Email Address: trang.vu @ mail.utoronto.ca

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: Sept 2015 and May 2016

General Description: We work with medical school students to educate children about the dangers of sun exposure and teach them ways to reduce their risk of skin cancer.

Annual Events:

In April or May, we pair two medical school students and match them with a grade 2 or 3 class in Toronto, so they can teach kids about sun safety before their summer holidays. 

General Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Recruitment of schools and classes
  • Educational outreach

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Recruitment of schools and classes
  • Educational outreach
  • Match students with schools
  • Provide learning materials to facilitate our peers with education


Mentorship and Tutoring Clubs

Adventures in Science

Club Directors: Sarah Voll and Laura Burgess 

Contact Email Address:utadventuresinscience @ gmail.com 

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:October 2015-May 2016

General Description: Adventures in Science is a club where university mentors help high school students inspire younger children about science!

We meet five times throughout the year on Wednesday nights at MSB (5-7pm). Mentors help high school students plan an experiment to deliver to young children in the community, and also offer advice about university, exc. 

Each session there is usually pizza too! Don’t miss this great opportunity to help inspire generations of youth about the awesomeness of science!

Annual Events:

  • General mentorship/planning sessions (3)
  • Career panel night 
  • Collaborative session with Growing up Healthy 
  • End of the year science trip (last year was Ripley's aquarium)

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Become a mentor! Time commitment is minimal (~12hours the whole year) but your impact on Toronto youth is not minimal!

Leadership Opportunities:

Opportunity to apply for co-director position for next year


Adventures in Science Mississauga

Club Directors: Michael Ruiz

Contact Email Address: aismississauga @ gmail.com 

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: January 2015 to May 2015

General Description:

Adventures in Science (AIS) Mississauga is a tri-mentorship program that aims to deliver engaging science outreach programs to elementary students in Mississauga. Through this initiative, we hope to foster a love of scientific exploration for learners at all levels. This is one of the first programs of its kind being offered in Mississauga. The second goal of this program is to do service to the community by developing the leaders of tomorrow. Through this longitudinal mentorship program, high school students receive a comprehensive course in leadership and interpersonal skill development under the guidance of the medical students studying at the Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM). It is anticipated that the transferable skills gained in this setting will help the students succeed in their post-­secondary education and future careers.

Annual Events:

Every year we hold five mentoring sessions at the Terence Donnelly Health Sciences Centre. During these sessions, the high school students develop their projects, starting with several rough ideas and eventually focusing their chosen theme into a 30 minute lesson which they will use to teach elementary students. We encourage hands-on science, as this approach makes the themes more interesting and approachable! During these sessions we also hold workshops in various topics, such as Leadership, Growing Up Healthy or Clinical Skills, which expose the high school students to what medical students learn and truly make the experience fun for both the medical students and high school students.

Annually we hold presentation days at each of the high schools where each group will present their lessons to elementary students. This is a particular point of pride for the students and mentors as all the work put in prior to this date translate into inspiration and a love for science in the elementary students. Finally, we hold a Closing Ceremonies at the end of each year to thank our students and mentors who have worked hard over the year. 

General Volunteer Opportunities:

We will be recruiting medical student volunteers starting in November 2015 to familiarize them with the program, train them in the type of mentoring we provide and determine scheduling so we have an adequate number of mentors for each session.

Leadership Opportunities:

We are currently recruiting for Directors in the 1T8 and 1T9 class! We tackle the tasks as a team, however some general responsibilities of the Directors include:

  1. Planning overall direction for the five sessions
  2. Leading one special workshop (e.g. teaching Clinical Skills)
  3. Logistical planning (e.g. room booking, food booking)
  4. Mentoring a group and providing feedback
  5. Responding to emails from teachers/students as necessary

If you are interested applying to be a Director or have any questions about the role please do not hesitate to email Mike at aismississauga @ gmail.com 


Parkdale/Central Toronto Academy Mentorship Program

Club Directors:Trish Starling, Deji Ologbenla

Contact Email Address:uoftpmp @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:February 2015-May 2015

General Description:

The Parkdale and Central Toronto Academy (formally Central Commerce) Mentorship Program is a University of Toronto Medical Society associated mentorship program committed to serving some of Toronto's most vulnerable youths. Operating out of two sites--Parkdale and Central Toronto Academy, the program aims to connect grade 10 students with reliable, caring and successful mentors who are part of the U of T community. - Designed to introduce students to a variety of career options, in a FUN way!

  • Held every Saturday for 10-12 weeks, guest speakers talk about their professions & career paths.
  • Engaging hands-on activities related to the week’s career theme are featured
  • High school students are paired with graduate students who serve as great mentors & references once the program concludes.

Annual Events:

We recruit great panelists that have included Canada's Top Chef, a google engineer, an assistant Crown Prosecutor, a Juno-award winning music video director. Field trips have included rock climbing, flight simulation at U of T's Aerospace facility, art galleries, museums, parks and more!

General Volunteer Opportunities:

U of T students serve as mentors to grade 10 students for the duration of the programs. 

Leadership Opportunities:

The co-directors of the program are always looking for mentors to "pass on the flame" so to speak from one year to the next. This is our 10th year running the program and you could be a co-director next year! It is a great opportunity to explore program design, volunteer recruitment and student mentorship.


The Saturday Program

Club Directors: Serena Kao, Lianne Rotin, Carolyn Wu, Lindsay Cho, Mark Ng

Contact Email Address: saturday.program @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: January 23, 2016 - April 23, 2016

eneral Description: The Saturday Program is a non-profit tutoring and mentorship program that runs out of the Medical Sciences Building every Saturday morning from late January to late April. We are also the largest community affairs program in the Faculty of Medicine with a long standing history of 18 years. High school students from around the GTA who demonstrate the potential for success but lack the resources to do so are selected to be a part of our program. They are paired with University of Toronto students from various areas of study for 1-on-1 tutoring and mentorship. Each Saturday includes two hours of tutoring followed by an hour of an interactive workshop in which the students are offered the opportunity to explore different skills and career paths. Every session concludes with a free hot lunch for all our participants. If you are looking for a chance to make a difference in the community, to develop yourself and your character, or to expand your own professional network, this is the program for you! 

Annual Events:

We will be hosting several info sessions in the fall semester for students who are interested in joining our team to find out more about our program and for us to answer any questions volunteers may have. In addition, this year we will be having our first annual meet and greet in the fall semester for our volunteers to mingle and get to know one another prior to the beginning of our program.

General Volunteer Opportunities: The Saturday Program is looking for tutors and core volunteers to join our team!

Tutors provide academic tutoring and career mentorship during the tutoring sessions, followed by accompanying their tutee to an interactive workshop. They will be paired with a specific tutee or tutees for the entire duration of the program. Tutors have the choice of tutoring alone or with a partner and have the option of tutoring multiple tutees as well. If tutoring with a partner, tutors are committed to 6 of 10 sessions whereas if they choose to tutor alone, they are committed to all 10 sessions. Generally, tutor pairs will be from different areas of study to comprehensively cover all the subjects the tutee requires help with.

Core volunteers provide logistical and general support for the program to ensure sessions run effectively. They oversee the tutoring rooms to ensure all participants of the program are paired up and facilitate transition to the workshops that follow. Additional tasks may be taken up by core volunteers as the demand arises such as leading workshops, substituting for an absent tutor, and organizing lunch for the participants. Core volunteers may choose to be paired up with a partner or work alone. If they choose to be paired up, they are committed for 6 of 10 sessions whereas if they work alone, they are committed to all 10 sessions.

Leadership Opportunities: All leadership positions for The Saturday Program 2015-2016 have been filled. We will be recruiting co-directors and Med Reps for next year at the end of our current program.

Other Notes: Check out our website at www.uoftmeds.com/saturdayprogram. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Saturday.program @ gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!


Saturday Program Mississauga

Club Directors: Steven Wang &  Akanksha Nayak

Contact Email Address: saturday.program.mississauga @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: January 2016 - End of April 2016

General Description:

SPM is a mentorship program that runs on weekly Saturday mornings from January to April at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, in the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Centre. High school mentees from Peel District schools are matched with mentors in subjects of Math, English and Science. Following the tutoring sessions, workshops are run that engage the students in interactive learning experiences, such as team-building exercises, debating, scavenger hunts and learning how to use medical equipment. The mornings are capped off with a free lunch provided to both mentors and mentees. Over the past three years, SPM has been successful in boosting the marks of our mentees, some by as much as 30%. As such, we are an extremely well-established program that has forged a relationship with the Peel District School Board and plays an important role for many high school students' academic careers in Mississauga.

Annual Events: 10 weekly Saturday tutoring sessions

General Volunteer Opportunities: Mentoring and tutoring positions

Leadership Opportunities: 1T9 SPM Co-Director position (2-3)


Scadding Court Mentorship Program

Club Directors: Bojana Gladanac, David Ramnaraign, Choden Shrestha, Catherine Lu, Phoebe Edwards

Contact Email Address:sccc.mentorship @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:November 2015 - May 2016

General Description:

Scadding Court Mentorship Program (SCMP) is an initiative that pairs children between the ages of 6 and 12 with an undergraduate or graduate student mentor from the University of Toronto. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to participate together in activities such as crafts, sports, and field trips as arranged by the program co-directors. SCMP runs on Saturday afternoons (12 – 2pm) at Scadding Court Community Centre. These sessions are scheduled between November and May, following the TDSB school curriculum holidays.

Annual Events:

  • TIFF Kids International Film Festival
  • Skating at Nathan Phillips Square Chocolate Tales
  • Building Solar Powered Robots
  • Trip to the Ontario Science Centre

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Current students of the University of Toronto are encouraged to apply to be a mentor for our exciting program in September of each year—no experience required, just a great attitude!



Co‐Directors:Brooke Hofbauer and Laura Burgess

Location:Various locations in Toronto

Description:UDACE is a student-run initiative that aims to empower and motivate underprivileged high-school students in Toronto and the GTA to pursue higher education. We give talks at schools, conduct workshops, and provide mentorship to students. UDACE runs throughout the year and meets and/or organizes events 2-3 times a term. 


WoodGreen Mentorship Program

Club Directors: Hayley Nell, Julie Ardron, Lakmini Pinnaduwage & Oscar Chan Contact Email Address: woodgreen.mentoring.ut @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:October 3, 2015- April 30, 2016

General Description: The WoodGreen Mentorship Program brings University of Toronto students into the community on Saturday mornings, from 10:30 to 12:30 (9:30-13:00 during trips), throughout the academic year to act as mentors for children and youth coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program takes place at the WoodGreen Community Centre at 251 Cosburn Ave., East York, ON (near Donlands station). Our program offers students interested in working with children aged 6-12 an opportunity to develop a bond with a child, make a difference in a child’s life, and get to know their community better. As part of the program, we host interactive workshops and trips aimed at getting children to learn about healthy living, explore the world around them (e.g. through visits to the ROM or OSC), and develop their creativity as well as their social skills.

Annual Events: Some of the events we do every year with the children and youth at our program include: Halloween pumpkin carving, a trip to the Ontario Science Center, a trip to the Clay room, a Holiday party, a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, Arts & crafts days and many more!

General Volunteer Opportunities: (note: recruitment period is completed)

University of Toronto students can volunteer as a mentor for a child between the ages of 6-12 years old, coming from a disadvantaged background. Through various activities and field trips, student volunteers will develop bonds with the children and become positive role models, while the children learn about healthy lifestyle habits, explore the world around them and develop various social skills.

Leadership Opportunities:(note: recruitment period is completed)

Students looking for leadership opportunities, can apply for the role of the Co-Directors of the WoodGreen Mentorship Program. The Co-Directors are responsible for working collaboratively to organize, promote, and lead the events for the children and mentors, to ensure continued success of the program.


Vulnerable Populations Engagement Clubs

Kindler Program

Club Directors:Erica Pascoal

Contact Email Address:erica.pascoal @ mail.utoronto.ca

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:January 2016-March 2016

General Description: Kindler (previously known as ChildArts) is an arts program run out of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that provides medical students the opportunity to work with young adults (aged 16-25) with a range of physical and mental disabilities. Medical students work with participants as they discover and participate in various art forms including creative movement, dance, music and visual arts.

Annual Events:

This program runs once weekly for 8 weeks total from January to March at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. 

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers gain experience working with young adults with physical and mental disabilities. They are instrumental in providing and supporting this quality recreational and respite program for both the youth and their families. 

Leadership Opportunities:

This year, we are looking for a 1T9 student to aid in the organization of the Kindler program in addition to acting as a volunteer. 



Director:Tina Hu and Anjum Sultana

Contact Email: imagine.clinic @ gmail.com

Website: imagine.uoftmeds.com/

Location:168 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Description: IMAGINE (Interprofessional Medical and Allied Groups for Improving Neighbourhood Environment) is an interprofessional, student-run community health initiative aimed at promoting and providing holistic healthcare to the core neighbourhoods of downtown Toronto. IMAGINE achieves its mandate through three main initiatives. The first is a Saturday drop-in clinic that is open year-round. The clinic provides healthcare services to all clients with or without ID or insurance. The clinic team is composed of students and preceptors, in a 1 to 1 ration, from each of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, including games nights and health promotion workshops, which are hosted by out Community Partnerships and Health Promotion committees, respectively. The third is our newly created advocacy program, which strives to promote awareness on social and health topics affecting IMAGINE’s target population. 


Community Outreach MAM

Co­‐Directors:Steven Wang, Manni Singh, and Daniel Li

Location:Various locations in Mississauga

Description:Community Outreach coordinates a variety of efforts within the Mississauga community providing a variety of services. This year, we partnered with the Freedom Centre to assist with their Community Kitchen program once a month. In addition, we also coordinated with out downtown counterparts to run the annual clothing drive. Co-directors are encouraged and supported to take the initiative to develop further programs with community partners with which our students can be involved. 


Community Outreach

Club Directors: Jovana Milenkovic and Deborah Koh

Contact Email Address:community.outreach.ut @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:September 21-May 30

General Description: The Community Outreach program was established in the belief that practical experience in the social and economic dimensions of health is key to becoming an effective physician. The Community Outreach program exists to foster such experiences by encouraging and helping medical students become directly involved in various community agencies. Through these interactions with the most impoverished and disenfranchised members of the community, we believe that medical students will be able to gain invaluable insight into both the plight of these people and the broad role that physicians can have in helping those in need.

Annual Events:

  • Cook and bake for the Out of the Cold dinners at St. Patrick and St. Andrew
  • Can, coin, clothing and food drives for various homeless shelters around Toronto, such as Scott's Mission and The Good Shepherd
  • Holiday Helpers fundraiser, which involves collecting donations from both of the preclerkship classes and buying Christmas gifts for a family in need
  • Bake sales to raise donations for organizations in need around Toronto

General Volunteer Opportunities:

We are always looking for volunteers to help with all our events. Whether for Out of the Cold dinners or can drives, extra help is always appreciated and needed! 

Leadership Opportunities: (note: recruitment period is completed)

We are currently looking for 2 1T9 Community Outreach Representatives to help us co-ordinate and organize events, recruit volunteers and carry on the role as co-directors in second year!


Healing Tonics

Club Directors: Spencer Ler; Sarah Cao; Carl Figueiredo

Contact Email Address: healingtonicsuoft @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:01/09/2015 - 31/05/2016

General Description:

Healing Tonics is a non-auditioned choral ensemble that believes in the power of music as medicine. We make bi-monthly visits to the community, bringing the therapeutic gift of music to those facing hardship. Rehearsals are run on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00pm, September to May at the Medical Science Building cafeteria. Performances are held in Toronto Rehab, Princess Margaret Lodge, Belmont House, and the Talent Show. 


Interprofessional Seniors Outreach Program

Club Directors: Katherine Steckham and Jessica Visentin

Contact Email Address: uoftseniorsoutreach @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: November 2015 - May 2016

General Description:

The program aims to: (1) Improve the quality of life of isolated seniors in the Toronto area by reducing isolation and providing comfort and compassion through a therapeutic human connection and (2) Provide students from various programs with the opportunity to improve communication and teamwork skills, learn about other healthcare professions, and reflect on how students with different healthcare backgrounds and perspectives can contribute to a common goal.

Annual Events:

Welcome & Information Session (October) Debrief Session (April)

General Volunteer Opportunities: (note: recruitment period is completed)

Groups of three students from different healthcare faculties will be matched to a senior in the community, whom they will visit together on a regular, mutually convenient basis. The visits are flexible and can be tailored to the interests of the senior and students.

Other Notes: In order to gain IPE credits (Green - Exposure credit) as part of the University of Toronto Interprofessional Education curriculum, students must:

  1. Visit their assigned senior in interprofessional groups of three a minimum of six times between November and April (i.e., approximately once per month).
  2. Log the dates and times of each visit throughout the year.
  3. Coordinate with the other team members to ensure that at least two students are present for each visit, though ideally all three students will be present for each visit.
  4. Complete two, one-page written personal reflections discussing their experiences in the program and what they have learned.
  5. Attend and actively participate in one facilitated debrief session.


Swim Ability - Toronto

Club Directors: Catherine Leurer, Lorraine Jim

Contact Email Address: admin @ makingwavestoronto.org

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: September 27 ‐ April 1

General Description: Swim Ability Toronto is a not-­for profit student initiative founded as a registered chapter of Swim Ability Canada in 2011. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible one-­on-­one swimming instruction to children with special needs. 

General Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer Swimming Instructor; Volunteer Lifeguard


Swim Ability - Mississauga

Club Directors: Ryan Chan and Tejas Desai

Contact Email Address:admin @ makingwavesmississauga.org

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: Oct 17-Dec 5; Jan 16-Mar 5

General Description: Swim Ability Mississauga is a not-for profit student initiative founded as a registered chapter of Swim AbilityCanada in 2013. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible one-on-­one swimming instruction to children with special needs. We provide two yearly sessions (fall and winter) consisting of 8 lessons each. All lessons are provided on a one-on-one basis by volunteer instructors and take place Saturdays from 1-2pm at the Cawthra Park Pool. 


General Volunteer Opportunities: We are currently looking for volunteer instructors for the upcoming year. Qualified applicants will have strong swimming skills and preferably previous experience teaching, working with children or working with children with disabilities. Lifeguard certification is NOT required. There are also opportunities to serve as a substitute volunteer to fill in for any instructor absences. A mandatory volunteer training session will take place at the end of September.  


Smiling Over Sickness (SOS)

Club Directors:Kelsey Watson and Sheliza Halani

Contact Email Address: uoftmed.sos @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates:October to May General Description: Smiling over Sickness is a student run organization with multiple branches across Canada to help bring smiles to the faces of sick children. The chapter at the University of Toronto consists of first and second year medical students with an interest in pediatrics and children’s health. Students volunteer their time planning fun activities for children at the Hospital for Sick Children, cooking dinners for families at the Ronald McDonald House and fundraising for Childhood Cancer Canada through an annual Shave for the Cure event. The program runs from late September to May. Group meetings are monthly in order to prepare for Marnie’s Lounge visits (scheduled for one afternoon each month), Ronald McDonald dinners (one per academic year) and to plan Shave for a Cure (held in March). Group members are required to take on active roles in preparing for events, especially Shave for a Cure, in which group committees are formed to increase participation, advertise the event, and garner sponsorship.


Varsity Docs

Club Directors:Jeff Graham and Rebecca Jackson

Contact Email Address: varsitydocs @ gmail.com

Estimated Program Start & End Dates: Mid-November to mid-February

General Description: Varsity Docs is an after-school sports and mentorship program led by University of Toronto medical students and sports enthusiasts. The program was designed with the aim of increasing access to sports in low-income areas and facilitating healthy childhood development. We offer weekly 1.5 hour sessions for grade 5 students, teaching the basics of a different sport each week. The program runs from mid-November until mid-February.

Annual Events: The program runs for 12 weeks from mid-November to mid-February, offering one evening session per week. Volunteers, are asked to help out with a minimum of one session. Additionally, volunteers may be asked to attend an orientation session should there be a need.

General Volunteer Opportunities: Medical students are needed to help facilitate, lead, and teach sports activities. Opportunities to help with the development of lesson plans in areas of expertise (specific sports) will also be welcomed.


Medical Society Executives

For contact information, please log in to the website and visit this page.



Speaker Mathew Nicholas
Executive Administrator Adam Rosen
President Narayan Chattergoon
President Elect Roland Xu
Sr. VP Communications Kota Talla
Jr. VP Communications Mike Taglione
Sr. VP Community Affairs Nicole Bechard
Jr. VP Community Affairs Arnav Agarwal 
Sr. VP Education Marcus Tan 
Jr. VP Education  Brandon Tang 
Sr. VP External Affairs  Ali Damji 
Jr. VP External Affairs  Claudia Frankfurter
Sr. VP Finance  Akanksha Kulshreshtha
Jr. VP Finance  Katelynn Tang 
Sr. VP Global Health   Antonio Lee
Jr. VP Global Health   Nupur Dogra
Sr. VP Internal Affairs (St. George) Vanessa Zannella 
Jr. VP Internal Affairs (St. George) Drew Moore 
Sr. VP Internal Affairs (Mississauga) Shara Nauth 
Jr. VP Internal Affairs (Mississauga) Cieran Tran 
Sr. VP Inter-Professional Education Noam Berlin
Jr. VP Inter-Professional Education Lindsay Schnarr 
Sr. VP Mississauga  Simon Feng 
Jr. VP Mississauga  Tejas Desai 
Sr. VP Publications  Paige Zhang 
Jr. VP Publications  Wan Jin (Tiffany) Lee 
MD/PhD Class President Amy Khan
MD/PhD Class President Ashish Deshwar 
1T5 Class President   Pinky Gaidhu
1T5 Class President  Justin Hall 
1T6 Class President  Sandra Huynh 
1T6 Class President  Erik Yao 
1T7 Class President  Billy Silverstein 
1T7 Class President  Amber Chen 
1T8 Class President  Samik Doshi 
1T8 Class President  Katie Mattina